Brand Management

Learn how to successfully manage your brand to attract, secure and retain a sizeable customer base, while promoting growth and profitability in line with your organizational objective.

Brand management can take various forms, depending on an organization's environment, its business strategy and the structure of its product range. Brand management includes high-level strategy definitions, execution deployment and day-to-day activations. However, to the best of our knowledge, there are likely to be a number of challenges along the way

Our Strategy

Under the guidance of consumer-centric advice, highly developed analytical skills and meticulous planning, we support clients in building viable and practicable plans while balancing interests along the value chain.

We combine current internal data with original consumer research, interviews and site visits to fully understand the requirements of your target consumers while taking into consideration their willingness to pay and other aspects.

When it comes to your applications, consumers never consciously select the least desirable option. We work with a cross-functional team within your company, creative agencies and other stakeholders to develop a positioning that best satisfies the functional and emotional advantages of the target consumer group within the range willing to pay.

We develop a roadmap of all necessary projects, taking into account their cost, complexity and compatibility with your current core strengths, to effectively deliver the indicated value proposition to clients. This is a crucial element in assessing the alignment and feasibility of the strategy, as well as laying the groundwork for its execution.

Three factors are analyzed in order to successfully reach the market:

  • We work with client marketers and specialized agencies to identify the optimal channel mix.
  • In order to bring the right product to the right market, we work with sales executives to determine the best marketing channels to employ or to develop a new marketing strategy.

To avoid operating in a vacuum, brand planning must be thoroughly included in the entire business strategy cycle, as well as in basic finance, operations and sales planning practices.

Throughout the strategy and budget process, all brand plans are transformed into business case models with solid justification and profit and loss scenarios for C-level discussion.

This drives the measurable objectives of the strategy, for which brand managers must be accountable to achieve.

Brand plans serve as the communication framework we use to organize internal stakeholders and communicate change. We provide the strategic objective, key considerations and execution guidelines.

We developed an implementation roadmap detailing tasks to be completed, expected completion dates linked to objectives, distinct roles and duties, and deliverables to ensure the success of the new Brand Plans.