Brand Strategy

Over time, a brand changes. Its performance changes over time as consumer tastes change, new channels emerge and market rivalry intensifies.

In addition, overall performance metrics can hide hidden problems. For example, a brand's rise may be driven by unsustainable fads, while a brand's decline may be caused by not seeing the opportunity.

Therefore, brands require ongoing maintenance. To maintain their viability, brand owners need a proper overall architecture. In addition to allocating resources, they must also track brand performance against competitors, judge the success of the strategy based on results, and periodically reassess the target market position.

With every business decision, promises, consumers and brand values must be honored.

Our Method

We help you position, develop and invest in your brands so they stand out and drive development. And we do this by integrating an analytical perspective into brand planning so that clients can make the most of all brands, products and channels, both physical and online, while addressing the emotional components of the brand. We can help with this:

Consider the overall performance of your brand.
Identify new possibilities for channel growth.
Verify the profiles of the main customer segments of each brand.
Understand the key factors that drive customer choice.

In addition, by completing the following, we help with the creation of new brands or the revitalization of existing ones.

  • Determine how each brand's key attributes, such as its product line, price range, location, channel accessibility, etc., distinguish it from the competition from the perspective of customers and channel partners.
  • To enable the expansion of the portfolio of each brand and individual brand, choose how to protect the originality of each brand.
  • To maximize the potential of a brand portfolio, choose the best brand design, branding duties and brand regulations.
  • Decide what each brand's advertising and promotional messages should be used for in all media, including the Internet.
  • Model the impact of brand modifications on other brands within a portfolio.