Business Excellence Consulting

Commercial Excellence is a set of measures that a company can implement to identify its target market and effectively sell and advertise its value proposition to them.

Commercial excellence is essential for organizations seeking to enter new markets or categories, as well as for established companies looking to gain competitive advantage and experience incremental growth in highly competitive mature industries. In commercial excellence initiatives aimed at reviving revenue growth, optimizing sales and marketing spend, and strengthening resource allocation, Virtual Connecting works closely with management teams.

Companies must be more commercially excellent.

Companies face difficulties as a result of, among other things, increased competition in established markets, weak development in emerging economies and a global surplus of certain commodities. Sluggish market expansion increases pressure on innovators to devise new tactics to gain a competitive advantage and increase market share. Today's consumers demand significantly more specific goods and services to meet their particular demands, putting additional pressure on vendors.

In addition, technological advances such as the Internet of Things, linked devices, mobility, cloud computing, and big data pose a threat to the continuity of conventional corporate structures and market relationships. When these developments occur, companies have a great opportunity to modify their business models.To respond to this transformation, companies must reinvent every organizational function, especially business operations that include the delivery of the value proposition. Sales and marketing teams must reexamine how they connect with customers and deliver services that help them achieve their goals.

Product development, engineering and customer service, other areas not normally connected to sales and marketing, must embrace greater cross-functional cooperation to foster the creation of new products and services.

Our Strategy

Using a holistic approach, our Commercial Excellence Framework addresses these important challenges. The framework ensures that a company's go-to-market plan is specifically tailored to target the highest value customers and consistently delivers the company's distinctive value proposition.

Our Commercial Excellence programs involve strong collaboration with management teams in three different areas:

  • Customer orientation and value proposition: offers the optimal economics for both customers and supplier by focusing the business on the right customer groups, linking each product to the customer's desire.
  • Marketing strategy and commercial structure: ensures that the company is using the appropriate sales channels (such as direct sales, internal sales and third party intermediaries) for each customer category and that the commercial organization is well designed.
  • Implements the procedures and frameworks required to achieve the highest level of sales and marketing efficiency.

Commercial Excellence Framework

Our staff members have extensive experience in business excellence. They help clients identify development opportunities and deliver unique and viable solutions by merging their extensive experience with industry-leading research and analytical skills. For our clients, our work focuses on both immediate successes and long-term strategic capabilities.

Evaluation of Commercial Suitability

Often, the fundamental reasons for business problems are not immediately apparent. In these situations, a quick analysis of the current marketing strategy could help to detect problems and focus future work. Using our Sales Aptitude Assessment, we can quickly and effectively assess the reasons for poor performance within the sales force and identify problem areas.

To lay the foundation for strong future growth, allocate resources efficiently and drive cost reductions, we work closely with our customers. We often help our customers to increase revenues by 5 to 10 % while spending little money or, where appropriate, to reduce cost of sales by 15 to 30 %.