Consumer Segmentation

Sometimes companies treat customers more like numbers than real individuals. When companies overlook the desires and goals of their customers, they find it difficult to establish true connections throughout the customer journey. This can lead to problems with top-line growth, ineffective marketing and low retention rates.

To simply shift an organization's attention away from its exclusive focus on products, channels and marketing and toward the needs and wants of its customers is to focus on the consumer. However, this is not an easy process, and many companies use "one-size-fits-all" approaches that lead to a number of problems:

Poor marketing ROI: Measuring and increasing marketing ROI can be a challenge for any business, even those using digital media. It can be difficult to strike the right balance between volume (lead generation) and margin when trying to drive media creation and communication effectiveness (cost of acquisition). In reality, striking this balance means being aware of your audience and what they are looking to hear.

Growth difficulties: Companies can be affected by this "one-size-fits-all" approach from a channel perspective, limiting top-line growth rates. Knowing the buying patterns of each consumer segment is imperative to maximize any channel, including online commerce. With respect to marketing and merchandising, this is particularly accurate.

High attrition rates: customers have different desires and preferences when it comes to customer experience.Despite the challenges, differentiating delivery approaches, service channels and communication channels is increasingly important in the digital age to maintain customer engagement and interest in your brand.

Our Method

By providing a framework that focuses strategy, planning, resources and execution in the direction of your customers, the most important direction for your business, we ensure that your organization can concentrate its efforts.

we help companies improve the efficiency of their marketing funnels, the performance of their sales teams and the standard of their logistics services by turning "one-size-fits-all" procedures into customized procedures. This is done by interacting with customers at every point of their journey, from inspiration to experience to loyalty.

Instead, to tailor our solutions, we try to understand the distinctive DNA of each value chain by segment. Although we have a wealth of knowledge and standards that are sector-specific, they are only intended to be used as a general direction to manage your individual scenario.

We realize that if the customer-centric mindset is not instilled in the business and the team does not recognize its true value, segmentation will not deliver the greatest value.We collaborate with you to create the governance and procedures necessary for durability, as well as to convert the strategy into actionable tactical strategies because we want to leave a lasting impact.

Our Strategy

Only by ensuring that customer segmentation permeates all elements of the company's daily operations can its true value be recognized.

Considering factors such as growth possibilities, niche markets, communities, discussion channels, digital, portfolio, culture, etc., we strategically integrate consumer segmentation into your industry, environment and company objectives. As a result, while our assistance with consumer segmentation can be used on its own, it is commonly included in other projects, such as marketing plans, strategic roadmaps, portfolio management, omnichannel, category management, etc.

The three main outcomes of our customer segmentation approach lay the foundation for continued success in all circumstances:

1. Segmentación de consumidores

A group of data science experts with cross-sector expertise and cutting-edge analytical methods work for Integration. They work in complete harmony with the project team to provide the data intelligence thrust that is required. This allows us to develop, combine and evaluate various customer segmentations and gives us a complete understanding of each consumer group from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective.

2. Matriz de Estrategia y Propuesta de Valor

We choose which customer groups to target and create feasible action plans for each group. This matrix succeeds in two key objectives:

3. The Government

The Matrix must be connected to an organized and balanced governance to come to life and maximize its value. To ensure accountability is developed, a tactical plan is in place and key performance indicators are in place to measure progress, establish the roles and duties of each area for major tasks.