Customer Segmentation and Value Proposition

In order to build value propositions tailored to the needs of prioritized customer segments and maximize economics from both the supplier and customer perspective, Virtual Linking consulting helps companies identify the highest priority customer groups to target.

A "one-size-fits-all" approach to resource allocation and finance stems from the difficulty many organizations have in classifying, analyzing and prioritizing their customers. We rely on rigorous quantitative analysis of sales data as well as external research to guide customer classifications and identify the appropriate groups to pursue the best value proposition. Our expertise in customer selection allows them to focus on the "best fit" areas where the company can drive sales and profitability.

By maximizing sales and marketing expenditures, targeting the right customer base can significantly increase a company's success for both new and established businesses. The benefits for companies entering new markets are obvious: they can focus on the right customer base where their value proposition is most attractive and where the new company can expand economically quickly.

The profitability of different segments of the customer base can be better understood by using customer targeting to identify new opportunities to differentiate your offering, seek new growth opportunities and pursue new growth pockets. On the other hand, established companies can use customer targeting to determine the best strategy for serving (or not) less profitable segments.In B2B markets, accurate customer targeting is essential because of the potential for significant differences in requirements and value to the company.

Many companies struggle to determine the most effective ways to classify, understand and prioritize their customers, leaving the final decision making to their sales staff without a plan or established rules. Failure to understand the unique demands of different customer segments usually leads to an "all-or-nothing" approach to investment and resource allocation. To paraphrase or not to paraphrase, that is the question.

Our Method

Customer Targeting: Commercial Excellence Framework

By using appropriate value propositions to reach the relevant customers, we help our clients by: