Portfolio Management

Numerous internal or external changes may require a "reboot" of a company's portfolio strategy and management methods.

The requirements for building, optimizing and managing a company's portfolio of products or services may arise at different stages during its existence, bringing with it a number of challenges:

Performance improvement: Companies generally understand the need to increase end-user focus, which counterbalances inside-out objectives driven by operations, logistics, finance, etc. Knowing customer behaviors, shopping baskets, preferences, trends, differentiation opportunities, etc., is often necessary to support strategic objectives or growth.

Discovering target consumers and interacting with them is critical for new or old companies entering new industries. To achieve steady and efficient growth, executives must define the optimal portfolio launch strategy and decide on the appropriate positioning of portfolio attributes.

Our Method

We offer seven core deliverables to help your business and teams manage the product and service portfolio more efficiently while coordinating internal and external activities:

Product portfolio planning and segmentation are, without a doubt, two of the most multidimensional, complicated and intertwined business decisions a company can make.

Each move impacts the entire organization and polarizes incentives and objectives for different parties.

It takes a robust approach and human traits to embrace the complexity of strategic, analytical and stakeholder management and translate it into a fair and user-friendly decision-making process. We help companies achieve this by:

Provides comprehensive consumer and customer-centric information through field trips, interviews, questionnaires and data analysis to aid understanding and decision making.

To consolidate and manage internal and external data in a consolidated manner, we use a wide range of analysis tools.

The art of determining groupings to separate diverse patterns and profiles of need states, customer archetypes, price points, niches, volume generators and differentiation/optimization possibilities in portfolio segmentation.

Full and attentive participation of all areas involved in product and service decision making, addressing critical conversations such as prioritization, SKU reduction, category exit and investments in new niches.

Field observations, coupled with good analysis and stakeholder management, contribute to the development of realistic and sound portfolio planning. Our consultants have real-world experience, a strong desire to engage you and present you with appropriate challenges, and a thorough understanding of the company's culture, environment and objectives.