Sales Force Effectiveness

Virtual Linking Consulting helps clients in a variety of industries improve and accelerate sales performance by ensuring that the right processes and enablers are in place to maximize the success of the sales team.

To realize sales benefits, sales and marketing procedures must be aligned with the customer's strategy and the go-to-market model throughout the sales cycle. To ensure that the sales team gets the best support, sales enablers such as the team's compensation scheme, key performance indicators, systems and tools, and training programs must be implemented. We advise and assist management teams in developing the necessary infrastructure to identify and eliminate sales productivity losses, align incentives and ultimately drive sales growth.

Companies are being forced to be more adaptable, efficient and productive with limited resources. The need to cross-sell and up-sell goods and services is growing as a result of M&A activity and solution sales growth.

Along with more effective support and responsiveness, customers also need customized solutions. Today, companies cannot rely solely on selling top-tier goods and services. Often, companies need to provide their customers with value-added solutions that get closer to their goals and facilitate the execution of a particular purpose.

The "one-size-fits-all" sales technique does not distinguish between strategic prospects and mediocre prospects, making it ineffective for winning new customers or increasing wallet share with current customers.

Our Method

The third component of our commercial excellence approach is sales and marketing effectiveness, which focuses on detailing improvements in commercial processes and their key enablers.

The first step in developing excellent sales and marketing support is to examine important procedures. Sales enablers must also be adjusted to ensure the best possible support for the sales force.

We prioritize quick wins while supporting our clients in building long-term sales and marketing skills.